Electronics Recycling of Virginia



Electronics Recycling of Virginia is a company specializing in Electronic Waste Collection, Electronic Waste Recycling, and Resource Recovery services. Our recycling program focuses on environmentally friendly methods of disposing e-Waste.

Electronics Recycling supports and promotes high standards of environmental quality by following Federal and State regulatory requirements for electronic waste. This involves the dismantling and separation of electrical goods into recyclable categories following the EPA rules of handling hazardous waste. We partner with recycling organizations in which these processed components are then refined and recycled into reusable materials such as lead, aluminum, plastic, glass, mercury, metal, copper, silver, and many more raw materials. We can issue a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling or a Certificate of Hard-Drive Destruction to electronic waste generators and assume the environmental responsibilities and liabilities associated with e-Waste or obsolete electronic products recycled with our company. 

Our goal is to keep these toxic materials out of our landfills, ground water, and atmosphere while providing an economical means of recycling reusable materials. 

Studies have indicated the disposal of electronic waste has become a serious global issue. Many electronic devices contain individual compenents made with hazardous constituents, primarily heavy metals. Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in color televisions and color computer monitors contain significant amounts of lead. Printed circuit boards and complex circuitry found in computers and other electronic devices may contain lead, chromium, and silver. In addition to this, some older computers contain mercury switches and many kinds of electronic devices contain batteries including nickel-cadmium, lithium, or sealed lead acid.
Electronics discarded in our landfills releases toxins and pollutes our environment and are therefore considered hazardous waste. 

As new technological advancement evolves, residential and commercial consumers are faced with challenges on what to do with obsolete or older models of these electronic devices. Many are unaware of their options for disposal of these items or are challenged with the high cost of disposal. Electronics Recycling can offer an affordable way to dispose of your electronic devices that meets Federal and Virginia State regulatory requirements.   

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